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Beckley, Marci Assistant High School Principal
Hannah, Kirk High School Athletic Director
Laughlin, Andrea High School Guidance Counselor
Oates, Heath High School Principal
Sutton, Nancy Guidance Counselor

Alvis, Betty Spanish/ELL
Apple, Neta Science
Barnes, James History
Behringer, Carmen Business Education
Clarke, Angela History/Psychology/Sociology
Colburn, Robin Family and Consumer Science
Courter, Richard Math
Diehl, Julie Science 7
Garlock, Leanna Special Education
Goldammer, Debbie Math: College Algebra/ Algebra I/ Math 8/ RTI
Goldammer, Heather Math 7
Griffith, Molly History 7
Gustin, Lora English 8
Hannah, Sheryl English 7
Hedrick, Leslie American Government/Modern US History
Hill, Kevin Advanced Fitness
Kauffman, Angie Business/Computers
Kershner, Lee Ann Librarian
Lawrence, Raquel Music
Ledesma, Emily Special Services
Lile, Ashley English Language Arts
Magoffin, Cecelia English 11/Honors English/English 110
Magruder, Gina Art
Mareth, Linda Special Services
Porter, Margaret English Language Arts
Reece, Chuck Agriculture
Rood, John Special Education
Schmersahl, Alex Physical Education
Sherman, Karl Special Education
Smalley, Sheila Science
Smith, Lynelle Math
Thompson, Jeffrey 8th Science
Thompson, Russell Band
Trumbore, Leigh Biology and Advanced Biology

Clover, Lynette Nurse
Mead, Marsha Special Education Paraprofessional